DOHA TECHNICAL LABORATORIES (DTL) has established, implemented and maintained a management system appropriate to the scope of the company’s activities. It is committed to total customer satisfaction by implementing “ISO/IEC 17025”, British Standards (BSI), American Standards for Testing Materials (ASTM), American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), Qatar Construction Specifications (QCS), American Concrete Institute (ACI) in the technologies, products and services that we deliver.

DTL’s quality policy is defined to maintain the highest standards in the level of providing services to valuable clients and the same is communicated to employees to implement such policies and procedures in their work.

At DTL, occupational health, safety of employee and protection of environment is our prime concern and important objective. We are conscious of our responsibility for creating, maintaining and ensuring safe and clean environment. Reduce health and safety hazards through application of efficient technology and safe work practices for sustainable development.

DTL management is committed to good professional practice and to the quality of testing.
DTL ensures that policies and procedures are established and maintained for document control, records and data, review of request, tenders and contracts, subcontracting to other accredited laboratories, purchasing services, services to the customers, handling of complaints, control of non-conforming works, improvement, corrective and preventive action, internal audits, management reviews, trainings, environmental conditions, test method validation, uncertainty of measurement, equipment, measurement traceability, sampling, handling of test items, quality assurance and test reporting.
As part of Quality Assurance and Quality Control, DTL regularly participates in proficiency testing program by the PT providers to monitor laboratory’s continuing performance.
Also, DTL performs an inter-laboratory comparison with other ISO 17025 accredited laboratories locally and internationally.

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